World Love Week: Uganda

This month’s world love week, we dove into the country of Uganda, and explored this Vibrant culture through books, music, and sensory play.

Coffee Bin

Coffee is a major export of Uganda, so we played with a bin full of coffee beans. I added the letters of Vale’s name to the mix to add some alphabet exposure, as well as a scoop and tweezers to be working on those fine-motor skills.

Animal Flash Cards

We picked up these animal flashcards at the Target Dollar Spot. They have photos and information about animals from all over the world. This week we pulled out the cards of animals that live in Uganda. We had fun looking at the pictures, and practicing our animal sounds.


We read a few books from and about Uganda. You can check out a list of favorites in Picture Books From And About Uganda.


We also listened to music from Uganda. You can check out the bands we listened to in: Ugandan Gospel Music.

Animal Play

I was able to pick up a tube of African animals from the Target Dollar Spot. I picked out the ones that live in Uganda specifically, and made this playscape.

Animal Match

When we were done with that bin, we used those same animals to do some matching. Each animal came with a pair, making this a simple, but fun learning opportunity. Put the animals on the left to work on left to right progression, an important pre-reading and writing skill.


Food is one of my favorite ways to learn about a country, and chapati is a fun food that is sure to win over any toddler. We made chapati using a recipe from our friends Amanda and David. However this recipe is very similar to the one we used.

East African Chapati

Suubi House

Finally, this month we are praying for Suubi House is a nonprofit organization in Uganda that cares for children with special need by providing education, physical care, and community. We looked at pictures of children on their Instagram page, and prayed a simple prayer for each (ex. “Jesus, please bless (child’s name). Amen). If you are interested in learning more about Suubi House, check out their website:

Have you ever been to Uganda? Is there anything you’d like to share to inspire more activities? Comment below!

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