15+ Christ- Centered Spanish Easter Books

Do you have a tiny Spanish-speaker in your life? Holidays can be the perfect time to add a new book to your collection.

Below you will find 15 Christ-centered Easter books in Spanish along with a short summary and age recommendation.

Disclaimer: this post does contain affiliate link, I recieve a very small commission from any purchases made through those links. But I only recommend books I have actually read, or are very high on my own wishlist.

El Jardín, La Cortina, y La Cruz

The ‘Tales that Tell the Truth’ series is a favorite over here. Every book in the series points back to Jesus and the Gospel. This book is a beautiful way to share the rich symbolism and theology of the Bible from the garden to the cross, to the Resurrection in a way kids will understand. The Garden is where humanity’s story began, but it is not the end. Jesus came to make everything as it should be: very good. (Ages 4+)

El Burrito que Cargo a un Rey

This retelling of the Easter story shares about the donkey that carried Christ into Jerusalem. This book is a fantastic option to explore the Gospel with an animal lover. (Ages 4+)

La Gran Idea de Dios

I love LOVE this book. For those that have fallen in love with the theological idea of shalom and want to pass this concept on to their littles, this book is a must! Trillia Newbell does a fantastic job explaining to littles how all of creation was made to live in perfect harmony. Sin is that harmony broken. But Jesus’ death and Resurrection restores. (Ages 3+)


This board book primer explores theological terms surrounding the Gospel. This is an excellent choice for those who love board book primers. (Ages 2+)

Mi Primera Historia de la Pascua

If your little loves some stickers, be sure to give this book a try. I must admit we have not read this one yet, but stickers included makes it high on my wishlist. (Ages 3+)

La Pascua es un regalo de Dios 

The ‘Regalo de Dios’ series is perfect for little animal lovers. Journey with mama and baby polar bear as they learn the true meaning of Easter. (Ages 3+)

¡Oh Dia Feliz!

I love these bilingual devotionals from the Escobar couple. Full of simple lessons and lots of play. This is a gentle way parents with toddlers can explore Semana Santa juntos. (Ages 3+)

Jesus Saves the World/ Jesús Salva al Mundo

Taken from the Beginner’s Bible, this first reader is a great option for littles who are beginning to read independently. (Ages 4+)

Daniel y el Factor Burrito

This fun book is another one that focuses on the donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem. Follow along and learn the donkeys story and the good news of Jesus. (Ages 4+)

La Historia de Semana Santa/The Week That Led to Easter

This bilingual book is a good option for families wanted to explore the whole Semana Santa. From Jesus’ triumphal entry, to Good Friday, and his Resurrection (Ages 5+)

The Story of Easter/ The Historia de la Pascua

This is another bilingual option for families wanting to explore Semana Santa. (Ages 2+)

Los Tres Arbóles/ The Tale of the Three Trees

The Tale of the Three Trees has become a staple in some families. Following 3 trees with big dreams, when they are cut down and taken to the lumber yard, it looks like the dreams they have for their lives are lost. But continue reading to see the part they play in Jesus’s story. (Ages 4+)

Mi Pequeña Historia de la Pascua

This story follows Jesus through the Semana Santa. Follow along as Jesus journeys to Jerusalem, the Last Supper, Good Friday, and finally the Resurrection. (Ages 3+)

La Pascua

This book landed in my basket so fast! This is a beautiful retelling of the Easter story and shows little how we can remember Jesus and his Resurrection on Easter and everyday. (Ages 0+)

Precious Moments: Mi libro de historias bíblicas de Pascua

This book gives me so much nostalgia. Precious Moments dolls were a major part of my own childhood (one summer we may have taken a little trip to see the Precious Moments Chapel!) Explore the Easter Story with Precious Moments. (Ages 2+)

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