Review of: The Lord’s Prayer For All God’s Children

We have become big fans of the FatCat series by Lexham Press. Natasha Kennedy’s illustrations are just remarkable. And the way the series breaks down passages of scripture for littles is amazing. The whole family learns from their books. The Lord’s Prayer For All God’s Children has been equally enjoyed in our home.

With darker skins tones represented in the illustrations, and rich theology, this book makes family worship time enjoyable and accessible for the whole family.

What I Love

As mentioned, I love this series’ commitment to offering a darker-skinned Jesus. It is so important to have darker skin tones represented in the faith material we offer our kids. It communicates that our faith is not just for one type of person, but for all people. I also love the way this book breaks down the text of the Lord’s prayer. Taking it line by line, the book share what the Lord’s prayer is actually saying. The illustrations feature glimpses into the life of Jesus where he actually walked out the Lord’s prayer. This serves to purposes, showing us that Jesus is God. But also showing how we can live out the Lord’s prayer as we seek to follow Christ. I also appreciate that this book features a parent’s guide at the end, as well as a family prayer that we can say together. It takes all the guess work out, and makes this a fantastic too for those of us doing church at home.

What My Littles Love

My littles, of course love the illustrations. They are bright, inviting, and right at their age level. I also love the explanations for each line. My oldest has really begun to ask questions when talking about the Bible and common things she sees at church. I love that this book provides answers and context to common questions kids may have about the Lord’s prayer. I think it’s also helpful for them to see the way that Jesus lived out this prayer, showing prayer is not just words, but leads us into intimacy with God.

Click here to get your copy of ‘The Lord’s Prayer for All God’s Children.’

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