25+ Christian Bilingual Books for Kids

It’s time for a round-up! If you’ve been with us for any amount of time, you know that we are a bilingual family (Spanish/English). Which means Bilingual are just a joy to find, even better when they are Christian. Bilingual books make it so everyone in our mixed-language family can enjoy the same story. It makes it easier to throw minority language words into a Sunday School Lesson. Oh and it normalizes bilingualism in the lives of our littles.

Reasons to Invest in Bilingual Books:

1. You are a bilingual family!: Even if everyone in your immediate family is bilingual, that doesn’t mean grandparents or tios y tias are. Bilingual books ensures everyone in the family can enjoy reading together!

2.You are a children’s ministry leader in a mixed-language church: If you have any services in a minority language at your church, it’s a good guess that not all of your littles speak English at home. Whether incorporating bilingual books in your services, or simply providing bilingual materials in your church library. Bilingual books are a simple way we can show littles that God values their home language, and communicate to minority-language families that we value them and their heart languages.

3. You want to normalize bilingualism: Even if you are not a bilingual family, bilingual books can be a benefit to your home. Exposing littles to minority languages (especially in a Christian context) communicates to our littles that the Kingdom of God is made of every language. It also helps disciple our littles in showing welcome and inclusion to those that may not speak the same language.

25+ Christian Bilingual Books

So now that you have your why’s for investing in a few Bilingual Books, let’s get to the collection! Below I have rounded up 25+ Christian Bilingual Books in Spanish and English. Be sure to bookmark this post, because I plan to keep growing the list as I find them.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. However I only ever link to products I truly recommend.

1. Canta con la Creación/ Sing with Creation by Andrea Lanae

2. David by Kayla Alonso

3. Animals on Noah’s Ark/ Animales en el Arca de Noe by Bianca Cerrato

4. Daniel and the Lions/ Daniel y los Leones

5.Fruits/Frutas by Bianca Cerrato

6. Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors/ José y el Abriguito de Colores by Bianca Cerrato

7.The Story of Easter/ The Historia de la Pascua. by Patricia A. Pingry

8. Eva by Kayla Alonso

9. La Biblia de los Pequeñitos/The Toddler’s Bible by V. Gilbert Beers

10. La Historia de Semana Santa/The Week That Led to Easter by Joanne Larrison

11. Los Tres Arbóles/ The Tale of the Three Trees by Angela Ewell Hunt

12. The Nativity Story/ El Nacimiento by Bianca Cerrato

13. La Biblia Para Principantes/ The Beginner’s Bible (Bilingual Edition)

14. Biblia Para Niños Historias de Jesus/ The Jesus Storybook Bible (Bilingual Editon) by Sally Lloyd Jones

15. Jesus Feeds the Multitude/ Jesús Alimenta a la Multitud by Erik J. Rottman

16. Kai The Missionary Sea Turtle/ Kai la Tortuga Marina Misionera by Natalia Sepúlveda

17. Jesus Saves the World/ Jesús Salva al Mundo

18. Noah’s Ark/ El Arca de Noe by Carol Weveden

19. Jesus and his Friends/ Jesús y sus Amigos

20. Jonah and the Big Fish/Jonás y el Gran Pez

21. Queen Ester Helps God’s People/ La Reina Ester Ayuda al Pueblo de Dios

22. David and the Giant/ David y el Gigante

23. En la Mesa de Dios/At God’s Table by María Eugenia Cornou

24. At Psalms School/ En la Escuela de los Salmos by María Eugenia Cornou

25. David y la Gran Victoria de Dios/David and God’s Giant Victory

26. ¡Oh Dia Feliz! /Oh Happy Day! By Jose and Elizabeth Escobar

27. Noah and the Ark/ Noe y el Arca

3 thoughts on “25+ Christian Bilingual Books for Kids

  1. Love what you do in helping pull all the resources available right now for our kids!!!


  2. Guillermina Fuentes February 14, 2023 — 8:55 pm

    Hola, soy maestra de clase biblica los Viernes y necesitamos Biblias bilingues para un grupo de 12 ninos.
    5, 5, 6, 6, 7, 7, 7, 8, 10, 10, 13, y 13 .
    Tienen ” Grandes Lectores”?
    Apenas ayer me dijeron de esa biblia, desde colombia, yo vivo en Pasadena CA.
    Mayoreo (?)
    Gracias por su tiempo y que Dios los bendiga.


    1. Hola Guillermina! Lo siento, pero creo que esta es un poquito afuera de mi experiencia. Yo escribo de las cosas que uso con mis hijos de 5 y menos. Pero tengo una hija de 6 años, y comprimos una Biblia el año pasado para ella. Puedo compartir la biblia que comprimos y otras opciones que encontremos durante el proceso. Aqui hay unas Biblias en Español que conozco que pueden estar Buenos para los menores:

      La Biblia Aventura https://amzn.to/3HubLcE

      Biblia de Niños Interactiva https://amzn.to/3JJkDhy

      Biblia: Mi Gran Viaje

      Una de estos tres me imagino puede funcionar. Pero no sé de wholesale. A lo mejor si visitas el sitio de web de la publicador los tienen. Espero que me entiendes, aveces mi Español es un poquito chueco. Bendiciones


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