Praying for Pakistan with Toddlers

Over here we like to set apart Wednesdays for learning about and praying for the world. In our home we call this Miercoles del Mundo (World Love Wednesdays). This month we will be doing a culture study on Pakistan, and looking for ways we can pray for our Pakistani neighbors across the world and in our own community. Below you will find books, food blog recommendations, and prayer requests for this beautiful country and culture. Come pray n’ play with us.


Yasmin Books by Saadia Faruqi

Yasmin is a smart and adventurous little girl, always looking to solve problems in her everyday. Yasmin and her Pakistani-American family will engage and delight any young reader. These books are beginner chapter books, and make perfect first read-alouds for littles who love to listen. I especially love that the back of each book shares information about Pakistani culture and a glossary of Urdu words that have been used throughout the story. I can say that these are one of my 4 year-old’s favorite books. The best part is they are available in Spanish!

Malala: Una Niña Valiente de Pakistan / Iqbal: Un Niño Valiente de Pakistan by Jeanette Winter

I love this story for two reasons: it’s in Spanish and it’s two stories in one book! Your littles will learn the storis of Malala Yousafzai and Iqbal Masih, two brave kids from Pakistan.

Malala’s Magic Pencil by Malala Yousafzai

This is Malala’s autobiography for littles. Showing little ones the power of an education and using your voice to make change. This one is also available in Spanish: El Lapíz Magico de Malala

Pakistan by Kristine Spanier

This is a short primer for children with facts about the country of Pakistan and the people that reside there.

Bookish Play inspiration: Painting a mural on our cardboard truck

This Truck Has Got To Be Special by Anjum Rana

This book is such a fun way to share about Pakistani Truck Art. The author, Anjum Rana is a Pakistan-based interior designer who works with truck artists to allow them to practice their art form in sustainable ways.


As always, we love using our Wednesday features as an excuse to support local business. OMG: Original Mediterranean Food has a variety of Pakistani foods for your family to sample. Who knows, it may become your little’s new favorite food.

If you don’t have any Pakistani restaurants in your area, definitely check out these blogs for recipes and food inspiration

Pakistan Eats: I definitely want to try my hand at making some Cumin Biscuits.

Mirchi Tales: This Green Mango Drink is on the top of my list of things to make this summer.


It’s always fun to show my kids familiar songs in a different languages. Even better when they are Christian songs, so that my littles can see that the Kingdom of God is so much bigger than the culture and languages they know. On YouTube I was able to find Zacchaeus Was A Wee Little Man in Urdu!


Urdu Kids is a fantastic resource for families wanting to introduce their little ones to the Urdu language. They have beginner lessons, as well as lessons and resources for native and heritage speakers.


World Love Wednesdays are not just a fun culture study, but a time for us to pray with and for our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. I usually like to turn on some worship from artists in that culture. Spotify has been an amazing resource for this. Check out this playlist on Spotify for some recommendations: Urdu Christian Music

We also look for the Kingdom work Christians from that country are doing, and ways we come alongside them in prayer and support.

We also look for prayer needs. I’m sharing these needs with parents, and will let you use discernment in what and how to share with your littles. If a need looks too weighty for their little hearts, we often simply pray: ‘Dear Jesus, please bless the people and children of Pakistan. May they know your love. Amen’ As we pray for Pakistan, we are:

What resources have you used to learn about and pray for Pakistan with your littles? Comment Below!

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