The God of Hidden Miracles: A Review of ‘Esther and the Very Brave Plan’ by Tim Thornborough

Growing up as a young girl in church, I have heard the story of Esther over and over and over and over….well, you get the picture. Esther is kind of the Disney Princess story of the Bible, and there are so many resources for church girls on this story. However, something I never learned, or maybe never grasped, until I was in a college-level Old Testament class, was the traditional understanding of the story. God is always at work.

Growing up, there was such a focus on how brave Esther was, and how she put her life at risk to save her people, that I completely missed the message of the ‘hidden miracle.’ Even when God is not mentioned, even when he is not obviously apart of the story, he is working. He set into motion, far before Haman developed his schemes to deliver his people. Esther was not simply brave. She was apart of a larger story, of God working behind the scenes to preform miracles for his people.

This message is NOT lost in ‘Esther and the Very Brave Plan,’ the latest book in ‘The Very Best Bible Stories’ series by Tim Thornborough and Jennifer Davison. This is a favorite series in our family, and this book has become a welcome addition to our home library.

What I Love

As I mentioned above, and LOVE the attention given to the traditional meaning of the story. Often times when we look at the original Jewish understanding of a text in can bring so much more depth to our faith. And it’s beautiful to be able to share this with our littles.

No worries, the text also shines a light at how brave Esther was. How can we read this story and not find a role-model of faith for our littles. This text does a beautiful job of capturing both/and. We can focus on the compelling brave princess storyline, while also discipling our children in the theology of ‘hidden miracles.’

As always, Jennifer Davison has done a fantastic job with the illustrations. I will always appreciate this series’ commitment to adding representation of darker skin tones, something that has been sorely missing in the Christian Children’s Book realm. Keep doing this good work, Jen! Thank you for seeing this need, and doing what you can.

What My Littles Love

Clearly my littles love that the story of Esther is about a lady! As I said above, she is basically the Disney princess of the Bible. What is not to love?

And as always, they love Jennifer’s colorful illustrations. They keep them engaged and listening the entire story.

Click Here to Purchase Your Copy of ‘Esther and the Very Brave Plan’

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