Blog Hop: ‘Twas the Morning of Easter

Easter is coming! Share the excitement of Christ’s Resurrection with your family using Glenys Nellist’s new book ‘Twas The Morning of Easter. With whimsical rhyme and highly detailed illustrations this is a beautiful way to share the Good News on Easter Morning.

What I Love

Glenys Nellist is such a talented storyteller gifted in the way of rhyme. Her lively poetry captures the attention of readers young and old. This beautiful story takes readers on a journey of emotion. Showing readers the fear the disciples may have faced waiting for Jesus resurrection, to Mary’s grief as she went to visit the tomb. Then she shows us the joy that abounded as Jesus’ disciples discovered the miracle. The tomb is empty, Jesus is alive! We have a reason to celebrate.

The illustrations are extremely detailed and will be a treat for art-lovers. With dynamic color-schemes and breath-taking scenes. The paintings draw readers into the story showing them all the excitement of the first Easter.

What My Littles Love

My littles love the rhyming in this book. It captures their attention, and draws them in, keeping them engaged through out the story.

Also the illustrations really help build a sense of appreciation for art. The paintings are just beautiful and help show the beauty of Easter.

Get Your Copy of: ‘Twas The Morning of Easter

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