The Best Prayer Activities for Toddlers

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Going into this new year, we are choosing to focus on prayer. Praying with Littles may sound like kind of a bland task, filled with simple, recited poem prayers. But it doesn’t have to be. Just as our own prayer lives can be exciting, so can our littles! And can I dare say, prayer can even be fun? Below I have compiled a list of my favorite prayer activities for families to do together with toddlers and preschoolers.

The Best Prayer Activities for Toddler and Preschoolers

  • Prayer Bracelets by Raising Prayerful Kids: Help little ones remember what they need to pray for with these sweet bracelets
  • Prayer Labrinth by Kutsu Companions: Use a prayer labrinth with littles to add some movement and focus to prayers.
  • A Nature Walk through the Psalms by Color and Kindness: this fun journal makes the practice of Lector Divina (praying scripture) fun and engaging for little ones.

  • Farm Prayers Bundle: The Farm Prayers Bundle was the first collection of Pray n’ Play packs I made. They are designed to teach little ones to pray the Psalms using the Farm. Get a FREE Sample pack here: Little Chicks Pray n’ Play Pack
  • Generation Claimed Books: We love the Generation Claimed books by Emily Assel. They are a fantastic way to pray scripture with our littles.
  • Talking With God Kids Prayer Journal Raising Prayerful Kids: This prayer journal is perfect for preschoolers.
  • Blessings Tower by Future Flying Saucers: Have a little one who loves building and blocks? Use that to teach them how to pray prayers of Thanksgiving.
  • Prayer Buddy by Sara J Creations: Help your little one quiet themselves to pray with the help of a prayer buddy, and a sweet book to go with it.
  • Sensory Prayer Path by Flame Creative Kids: Engage little one’s senses as a way to help guide their prayers.
  • ‘Orad Sin Cesar’ Coloring Pages by De Los Tales: These Spanish coloring pages are perfect for starting a conversation about prayer with little ones.
  • Winter Prayers Bundle: This Pray n’ Play Pack is designed for families living in snowy areas. Filled with creative ways to pray with littles.
  • Oracion’ Door Hangers: These Spanish door hangers are a perfect reminder to start and end our days in prayer.
  • Pet Prayer Rock by The Vica Girl: These Pet rocks are so fun to help littles to remember to pray.
  • Psalms of Praise by Danielle Hitchens: We love the Baby Believer series and this fun Movement Primer is a fun way to introduce littles to praying the Psalms.
  • Beautiful Moon by Tonya Bolden: This is a gorgeous book that can gently guide littles in praying for our communities.

Give one of these ideas a try and let me know how it goes! Comment Below.

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