DIY Play Church from a Kleenex Box

My littles are really into playing with their little peg people lately. We don’t have many, just the few that have come in our Little Seeds Company Sensory Boxes. However, my kids love them. So when I was thinking of mixing up their peg-people play, I just thought it would be so much fun to make a church! And,boy, has it recieved hours of playtime. Here’s how to make a DIY play church from a Kleenex box! Best part? It’s collapsible to take in a church busy bag!

DIY Play Church

What you need:

-Cube Kleenex Box

-Duct Tape

-Velcro Dots (optional).


-Small Wooden Cross

What you do:

  1. Open Kleenex Box.
  2. Cut top flap off box. Flip over and use duct tape to reattach to box.
  3. Cut a tab and insert into the edge of top flat so that they can hook together to make a roof.
  4. Cover edges of other flaps with duct tape.
  5. Place velcro dots on corners of bottom flaps so that sides of church can open and close. (This is optional. If you do not want the church to be collapsible to take along in your busy bag, simply duct tape the flaps together).
  6. Cut a door and window onto the front of your church. Then finish by duct taping a wooden cross to the top.

When you use the velcro dots, the church can easily collapse to put in your church busy bag.

Are your littles into Small World Play? Comment Below!

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