Samson: God Still Has A Plan When We Mess Up

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Let’s talk about Samson. This guy. The strong man of the Bible. He was called before he was born. Set-apart. And he was dumb.

Ok. Yes, I know that feels a little harsh, but as I read through this story in Judges 13:16, I keep on saying “C’mon man, what are you doing?”

He’s not supposed to touch dead things, but he not only touches a dead lion, but eats some honey out of it. Who does that? (Judges 14:8-9).

Then, he falls in love with one of his enemies. That doesn’t necessarily have to end bad. However, when he keeps lying to his girlfriend about the source of his strength, and then just happens to end up in situations that “could make him lose his strength…” well, you would think he’d break it off with that girl. (Judges 16:1-22).

However, God still used Samson. For all of his faults, in the end, God still used Samson to deliver his people. With one final request, God restored Samson’s strenght and he took down his enemies and their temple. ( Judges 16:23-31).

What I see in the story of Samson, is that God can use imperfect people. He can use people that screw up a lot, when they return to him and seek his face.

God knew Samson would mess up, and he still chose him. God knows you will screw up, and he still chose you. God took into account your flaws when he called you. In motherhood, he knew what our struggles would be when he set us on this path. And he still chose us. Friend, wherever you feel yourself slipping up today, know that God is still in control, and he still has a plan. May we know this truth, and as our little ones play, may they learn this truth.

Let’s Play

We’ve been working on scissor skills over here, and this is such a great story to do this. I whipped up a little Samson man with a cardboard tube and some yarn. Then let Vale go for it, giving Samson a haircut.

As Samson got his hair cut, we talked about the opposites weak and strong. We also talked about how God gave Samson his strenght. Yes, if he cut his hair, he’d lose his strength, but keeping his hair long was just a sign of obedience. We talked about how Samson messed up BIG time, but God still forgave Samson, and he used him for his glory.

More Activities

This was the only activity we did with this story. It’s ok to have a simple week. However, if this one wouldn’t work for you, I’ve rounded up a few of my other favorites from the web:

Printable Samson Craft from Jesus Without Language

Grass Seed Samson from

Samson Board Game from Catholic Blogger

Samson Scissor Practice Printable from Truway Kids


We used our Beginner’s Bible to read this story and then watched the Pequeños Heroes Sanson Video on YouTube. But Here are a few other favorite resources:

Sanson by Biper y Sus Amigos (This video is in Spanish)

Samson and Delilah by Saddleback Kids

Samson Lesson Pack from Bible Pathway Adventures

What are your favorite scissor skills activities? What ways have you learned about Samson with littles? Comment below!

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