I Am Thankful: A Bilingual Family Study on Eucharisteo

“Eucharisteo”: a greek word meaning to give thanks. Anyone who has read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp is familiar with this word. For those who haven’t, this word may bring a new adventure.

To give thanks. What power could that bring? Eucharisteo is used several times in the New Testament, and it is used 4 times within the context of the life and ministry of Jesus. “I Am Thankful: A Family Word Study on Eucharisteo” will guide families with young children in learning the meaning of Eucharisteo, how it was used in the ministry of Jesus, and simple ways we can apply this verb to our own lives.

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“I Am Thankful: A Family Word Study On Eucharisteo”

What is it?

The “I Am Thankful” study is a 5-day Bible study for small children and their families to explore the word Eucharisteo, how it was used in the ministry of Jesus, and simple ways we can apply this word to our own lives.

Each day of the study has a scripture reading, discussion questions, a short meditation, and a family play-challenge.

The packet also includes printable “thank you” cards, a banner, a “Thankfulness Tree” printable, and a Recommended Book list featuring books in both English and Spanish.

Also, the entire pack is bilingual, with all devotions and materials in both English AND Spanish. Read more on this below!

Why Bilingual?

Our family is bilingual, and we prioritize Spanish in our home, so having this pack be in Spanish was a must for our family. However, I’m not the native Spanish-speaker in our family, so anytime a resource is in both languages it’s super helpful for me. I know we’re not alone in our multilingualism, and every Spanglish home works a bit different. Some are only speaking Spanish at home, some only one parent speaks the minority language, and some are monolingual parents trying to give their child the gift of bilingualism. Whatever Spanish language looks like in your home, I wanted this resource to be a support on that journey.

What ages is the study best for?

This study is geared towards children 3 and older, though the play challenges are easily adaptable for younger siblings joining in.

What other questions do you have about this study? Comment below or send me an email.

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