Happy Heart Glasses

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Life is often about our perspective. Regardless of the situation, our attitude often is what dictates how we feel. Are we looking at world, only seeing the worst? Or are we looking with hearts of thankfulness? This is the message found in the new book “Scarlett’s Spectacles: A Cheerful Choice For A Happy Heart” by Janet Surette. This book was a delightful, and thought provoking read for our family, that we paired with a fun craft to remind us to see the world through lenses of gratitude.

What I Loved

Curly-headed Scarlett is just an adorable character. Even when she’s grumpy, she radiates cuteness. With her vibrant red hair, and freckled cheeks, she really is a fun little girl. I loved that this book puts the idea of “Eucharisteo” in a way that small children can comprehend. When we are thankful, we find joy. No matter what is going on, we can choose to find something to grumble about, or find something to be thankful about. When we choose thankfulness, we are often gifted with a happy heart. I also approved of the thick, board-book like pages. This makes it a perfect read for young preschoolers, and those with book-wrecking younger siblings.

What The Girls Loved

Vale loved that they ate ice cream in the book. If someone shares her love for icecream, they clearly will be friends. She also appreciated that Scarlett apparently love piggies. She has a little stuffed pig she sleeps with, pig books, and pig art in her room. What preschooler doesn’t have that one thing they obsess over? Naomi’s is trucks, Vale’s is princesses, and apparently Scarlett’s is pigs!

Happy Heart Glasses

After reading this book, we clearly had to make our own “Happy Heart Glasses” to remind ourselves to look for our blessings.

What you need:

-Old Cereal Box

-Crayons or Markers

-Stickers, Washi tape, glitter, and/or other decorations

What you do:

1. First I drew a pair of glasses on our old cereal box, about the size of a toddler’s face. This is a great Glasses template you could use.

2. Cut out the glasses

3. Let your little one color and decorate to their hearts desire.

4. Let your little one carry them around to remind them to see good things. Or just hang them on the fridge as a reminder.

What tools have you used to teach your little ones thankfulness? Comment below!

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