6 Preschool Dinosaur Shows in Spanish

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Anyone else have a kiddo who loves dinosaurs? Mine does, and if I can find something she loves in Spanish, all the better. Here are 6 shows (and movies) featuring Dinosaurs that come in Spanish.


This is a show from PakaPaka, an Argentine broadcasting company. Dinopaka is about a boy that receives a video game that transports him into the prehistoric, where he makes friends with dinosaurs.


Have you heard of Dinosaur Train? Well this is it, in Spanish! Young dinosaur friends ride along on a train in the prehistoric, learning life lessons.

The Good Dinosaur

I love Disney, because basically anything Disney can be watched in Spanish (if you have the DVD anyway). The good dinosaur is about a little dinosaur that gets lost from his family chasing-off a baby neanderthal. Trying to find his way home turns into an adventure where he befriends the neanderthal, and learns important lessons about family and his own worth.

The Land Before Time

This is a classic for us 90’s kids. And the DVD comes with Spanish audio. Journey with Little Foot and his friends on all sorts of adventures in the prehistoric.

El Show Prehistorico

Another show from PakaPaka
This fun show is about a paleontologist and his friends that explore and learn about the prehistoric.

Barney y Sus Amigos

Finally, the big purple guy also comes in Spanish. In my experience, most Barney DVDs have a Spanish Dubb on them!

Do you have a little dinosaur lover? Any more dinosaur shows I can add to my list? Comment below!

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