5 Podcasts For Your Tired Mama Soul

Podcasts are kind of a new thing that I have gotten into. Before babies it was really easy to find time to read a book or watch a show to do some self-care. After babies? Not so much. But podcasts are some self care I can do while caring for my kids. It’s the little me time I can slip-in while making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

All of these podcasts are ones I have enjoyed. The hosts all have great personalities and are super relatable. I generally come away feeling super encouraged and hope you do to.

Risen Motherhood

This is by far my favorite. A friend recommended them on her Instagram, and it took me a few months to actually give a listen, but once I was so glad I did. This podcasts is focused on shining the Gospel into the moments of motherhood. With the right balance of challenge and encouragement, it’s a breath of fresh air in the middle of the day.

Mother Like A Boss

This podcast has great ideas for overcoming challenges in parenting. So far I’ve listened to the goal-setting and prioritizing podcasts. And to be honest when I first heard “goal-setting” I almost shut the phone off. I mean I didn’t turn on the show to dive into a pool of mom guilt. But I kept listening and was actually so encouraged and inspired. No mom guilt here. Just mom love.

Coffee and Crumbs

The ladies that host this show are hilarious and so fun to listen to. The whole time I find myself saying “me too, girl.” This is just a super fun podcast to listen to.

She Finds Truth

This is another relatable podcast that has a good balance of challenge with encouragement, and more than anything shining the grace Jesus gives for where we’re at.

God-Centered Mom

This is an interview podcast and from beginning to end I just feel empowered. It’s in the top-charts list on Google Play, and there is a reason why. Seriously, go listen and be encouraged to be the Mom God made you to be.

What podcasts do you enjoy? Let me know so I can add them to my list. Comment below.

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