Review of: Write It On Their Hearts

If you have found yourself on this small corner of the internet, I’m going to assume that having your littles know Jesus is close to your heart. You have a desire to lead your littles to their heavenly Father. ‘Write It On Their Hearts’ by Chris and Melissa Swain is a needed resource. Giving practical wisdom on raising littles to know and love Jesus, Write It On Their Hearts is a fantastic guide for those who desire to disciple their littles in the ways of Jesus.

What I Love

This book is full of practical wisdom. It starts out sharing the need for discipleship un our homes. We as parents have the most influence on our kids’ lives. However it doesn’t leave us there. With helpful acronyms, and visuals, this book offers wisdom on making discipleship a reality in our homes. Billy Graham is quoted in the beginning of this book, and it’s pages continue to point us to this wisdom:

Love your children– and let them know you love them. Children who experience love find it far easier to believe that God loves them.

-Billy Graham

This is the foundation for everything we do as Christian parents. Living out the love Christ has for us towards our children. And there is grace in that! Chris reminds us:

“I need Jesus to show me compassion as a failing parent and that I should follow his example and show my children compassion.”

Chris Swain, Write It On Their Hearts

This is a theme continued throughout the book. It shares a sense of urgency to discipleship our children without guilt and shame. We do not have to fear the ways we may fail, because Christ is with us. Instead, we can lead our littles to Christ with confidence, because we have a loving heavenly Father who is also leading us. Our main call is to reflect him to our children and invite them to join us in our relationship with him.

One last point I love from this book is on the topic of accountability:

‘When we think of accountability as a parent, we are trying to hold our children capable of what God created them for. It changes the way we see accountability.’

Chris Swain, Write It On Their Hearts

Isn’t that good! May we see the potential stored up in our littles and call it out in them. As we disciple, may we hold them capable to the calling God has placed on their lives. And may we believe that for ourselves.

We, as parents, each have been called and equipped to disciple our children. To lead them to their loving heavenly Father who has good things in store for them. May we also hold ourselves capable of this calling.

Who Is This Book For

I think this is a great resource particularly for those who are new to the faith and did not grow up in homes where discipleship was a priority. Writing in this space, I consistently recieve messages from parents that just don’t know where to start. Write It On Their Hearts is a great starting place. It’s practical, and will most likely affirm and echo the calling these parents feel to disciple their littles.

I think this is also a great resource for Christian parents that did grow up in the faith, but maybe their upbringing was steeped in legalism. They want their littles to know Jesus, but not like that. This book offers new ways and frameworks for thinking about discipleship. It encourages prioritizing relationship over rules and legalism. This book offers fresh perspective on how to disciple children who will know and love Jesus all the days of their lives.

Click here to purchase your own copy of ‘Write It On Their Hearts.’

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