Toddler Devotions on Joshua

Joshua was the man called to lead the Israelites once Moses passed away. The Israelites’ grumbling and disobedience caused them to wander through the wilderness for 40 years! Even Moses had disobeyed, and was not permitted to enter the promised land. God was doing a work in his people, creating a generation he could use for his purposes. In this devotion, we use sensory play, fine-motor work, and some blocks to learn what it means to follow God.

Wandering in the Wilderness

The Israelites found themselves wandering through the desert for 40 years. So we made a desert sensory bin!

Sensory Bin

What you need:

Arrange small world and let your child play.

Dramatic Play

We so made a campsite by draping a blanket over our dining room table. I added a basket of “mana,” and a fake camp fire. Our “mana” was some fake snowballs, but packing peanuts or crumpled paper would also work.

I spread the manna around our living room floor and the girls had fun collecting the manna (also worked their large motor skills!)


We revisited the story of Rahab. Rahab played a crucial roll in helping the Israelites cross into the promised land. You can see more of how we played through her story here.


The final task for the Israelites to cross into the promised land was defeating Jericho! The people simply had to walk around the wall, and God caused the walls to fall. We used blocks to build Jericho’s wall. Then we knocked them down! Building with small blocks works fine motor-skills. However, if you want to work on large-motor, you could opt to use cardboard boxes or packages of diapers. You can read more about how we have explored the story of Joshua in the past here.

God Was Preparing His People

If we’re being honest, mom life can sometimes feel like a wilderness. The day-after-day changing diapers, cleaning up spill, and reading the same book over and over again can be draining. Have you ever found yourself asking “what is the point?” I’ve been there.

We love our children, and in our heads we know that “children are the most important work” (Dr. John Trainer). However, our hearts are found screaming for purpose. I’ve been there. Maybe you are there.

Let me assure you, friend, God did not lead his people through the wilderness without purpose. He lead them to heal them from the oppression of Egypt. He lead them to trust him to be their provider. He lead them so that they could be a people used for his glory!

Friend, are you in a wilderness? As you’re rocking a sick baby or tackling the never-ending laundry, take sometime to let the Lord minister to you. Where does he want to heal you? In what area does he want to show you that he is enough? How is he preparing you?

How is God leading you through your wilderness?

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