Review of: ‘The Awesome Super Fantastic Forever Party!’

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Heaven. It can be kind of a hard topic to talk about with littles. With all of the Biblical verses, mixed with folk tradition on the topic, it’s sometimes hard to work out for ourselves what we believe.

That’s why ‘The Awesome Super Fantastic Forever Party‘ by Joni Eareckson Tada is such an amazing resource.

What I Like

Heaven is a topic rarely discussed from a theological stand point in children’s resources. So I’m real impressed that they are tackling this topic.

I also line that this book references actual things said in scripture about heaven and Christ’s return. They talk about the new heaven and the new earth. They also have several references to what Shalom restored potentially looks like when Christ makes all things new. They share that heaven will come to earth (Shalom restored). They talk about our relationship with creation restored. How our relationships with each other will be restored. It talks about our restored bodies. And it talks about how everyone will praise Jesus.

Another thing I liked is when they talked about accepting Jesus’ invitation, they jumped to a scene of a Peruvian Sunday School teacher talking with her Peruvian class. It was so refreshing to see this diversity represented. And this whole scene shows people within their own culture talking about Jesus, not outsiders coming in. I think that is so so important for children to see, but rarely do.

In addition, I love the diversity represented in general, showing people ‘from every tribe and tongue’ and ability praising Jesus.

What My Kids Like

As always, those illustrations get them! Catalina Echeverri always does such a lovely job on the illustrations for the Tales That Tell The Truth series.

My 5 year-old surprised me, and gave a very thoughtful answer. She said what she like the most is that in heaven everyone is kind to one another and everyone loves Jesus. And isn’t that what we really want our kids to take away from our talks about heaven. We want them to know that what heaven: the new heaven and earth; the new Jerusalem. We want them to know that it is when Shalom is restored. When everything is put into right relationship, as it should be! Everything is as God had intended in Genesis 1. Shalom.

This discussion reminder us of another book from this series: God’s Very Good Idea by Trillia Newbell. She encourages us that we do not have to wait until Heaven to live in the Kingdom of God. When we love one another, include one another, and live as family, we bring Heaven to Earth.

Click Here to Purchase ‘The Awesome Super Fantastic Forever Party’

Update: There is now a boardbook version of ‘The Awesome Super Fantastic Forever Party’ and it is just perfection. My older kids love reading it with their little brother and it has been a gift for our family.

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