Learning About Ireland with Toddlers

St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday! So we are taking a little time to learn about and pray for the country of Ireland. Here are some of the resources we are using to celebrate the holiday.


Saint Stories for Kids is a wonderful podcast that shares about the legacy of Catholic saints. Their episode about St. Patrick shares a brief overview of his life, as well as a story, and a summary of what we can learn from his life.

MPR Classical Kids Storytime has become one of our favorite podcasts. They expose small children to classical music using traditional fairytales. The stories are beautifully narrated, and fun for the whole family. Their retelling of Nora and the Fairy Queen is no exception. Nora and the Fairy Queen is an Irish folktale about a little girl who is quite sad, until she meets the Fairy Queen, and her life is changed for the better.

Irish Dancing

We are fortunate enough to live next to the Mall of America, where they hosted a an Irish dancing performance the Tuesday before St. Patrick’s Day. Rince na Chroi is the Academy and their performance was wonderful! My girls were just awestruck watching them dance. They will be preforming again at the Landmark Center’s Irish Music and Dance Festival on Saturday and Sunday.

Gaelic Lesson

One of my favorite Instagram accounts is Gaelic Mummy. She is a London-based mama, raising little ones to speak Gaelic. Everyday she shares a new word and how to pronounce it. Give her a follow and learn some Gaelic with us.


Finally, as we pray for Ireland, we will be reading one of St. Patrick’s famous prayers.

I love this prayer, because it is a daily surrender to God as our defender.

May we remember the example St. Patrick is to us as we learn to better love our neighbors.

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? Comment Below!

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