Love Sensory Bin

February: the month of love. It’s everywhere, the hearts, the candy the flowers. So over here, we have been talking about love too. But not just the mushy, sweet stuff. But talking about what love is, and how we can show it to others. To help guide our learning I made a sensory bin with activities that both my girls can enjoy, and can also be adapted for older kids.

Love Sensory Bin

What you need:

Pour rice into bin. Add hearts. You can chose to mix the hearts into the rice, or simply sprinkle them on top. Add cups, scoops, and other tools.

How To Play

Option 1

You can choose to simply let your child explore the bin with supervision. This will work best for the youngest learners. Let them feel the rice, practice scooping and pouring, and exercise their pincer grasp. Encourage them to find the hearts and put them in the pail.

Option 2

Encourage your child to find and sort the hearts by color. Guide them to identify the color of each heart. For a bigger challenge, have child use tweezers or tongs to move each heart. Count how many hearts are in the bin. Talk about how hearts symbolize love.

Option 3

For older children, use the bin to play a game. Each child chooses a cup. Have the children take turns sharing ideas for how they can show love to others. For each idea a child shares, they pick a heart to put in their bucket. Play until all the hearts are gone. Whoever has collected the most hearts wins.

Love Day

This is just a simple way to get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day, and providing a conversation on how we can love our neighbors. However, let’s remember that any love we give to others has to flow from the love we’ve first recieved from Christ. This is important for our little ones to learn, but even more important for us parents to remember as we disciple our little ones. Take a moment to receive God’s love today, so we can continue pouring into our littles. You are loved, friend.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? Comment below!

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