Wrapped Nativity

A lot of the Christmas activities we have been doing have been geared towards toddlers. My toddler is so busy, I feel like I always need to have a trick up my sleeve for when she gets antsy. However, this one, I made specifically for little baby Naomi. She has really been into ripping paper lately, so I figured we could get some practice opening presents, and learn about the true meaning of Christmas.

The Game

What You Need:

  • Play Nativity
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Tape
  • Bible or Storybook Bible

What you do:

  1. Loosely, and I do mean very loosely wrap each nativity piece separately in wrapping paper.
  2. Have your baby unwrap a piece. You may have to get them started and/or show them how to tear it open.
  3. When they have opened the piece, read the part of the Christmas story that correlates with that piece.


  • You can open up all the pieces at once, and read the whole story, or spread it out over a few days (like an advent calendar.)
  • You could also open all the pieces first and then read the whole story (we did this as my toddler was getting rather impatient). If you do this, and have older children, have them match the nativity piece to the part of the story you ar reading. (I.e. reading about the Angels, find the angel).
  • If you baby is not ready for tearing, put the nativity pieces in small gift bags with tissue paper for them to open and find.


The main thing this game works on is fine-motor skills. Tearing and ripping paper helps develop those finger muscles, which is important for writing and life skills.

Matching the story to the nativity is wonderful for cognitive development, making correlation and observation skills.

How did this activity work for your family? Did you adapt it in anyway? Comment Below!

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