The One Book You Need For Your Fearful Toddler

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My daughter is named Valentina, which means “brave.” And I have never met a more fearless little girl. She will climb to the highest rung of the jungle gym, she has never met a stranger, and don’t even get me started with the adventures we have had around the stairs. So when we finally found a slide that was just a little too high, I was shocked. Was this my daughter? With fear of something?

However, no matter how fearless a child may be, they are bound to find a situation that they find fearful. It is our job as parents to build in them skills to overcome and conquer their fears. And I’m Not A Scaredy Cat: A Prayer For When You Wish You Were Brave by Max Lucado is a tool parents can use to build such coping skills.

I’m Not A Scaredy Cat

This book is about a cat who is NOT a scaredy cat (um…but he actually is). Follow is adventures, and see what really frightens this poor kitty. However, he also share what he does when he is afraid. He says a sweet prayer, which is repeated throughout the book, and it is a prayer your child can take with them for times they feel afraid.

What Makes This A Great Tool?

The rhyme repeated throughout is short, and easy to memorize, making it a beautiful coping skill for when fear arises. Parents can use it to encourage their children to stop, take a deep breath, and center themselves with a prayer for times their child feels afraid. It feels a lot like Daniel Tiger, where there is a song to help a child walk through each situation. In the same way, the prayer this kitty cat sings helps him walk through each fearful situation.

What This Book Is Not

In the age we live in, I need to say that this book is not a cure for childhood anxiety. Though this story could help provide a coping skill to help manage childhood anxiety, anxiety is different than regular childhood fears (such as fears of toilet training or the dark). Understood has a great article on the signs and symptoms of anxiety in young children. If your child’s fear seems extreme, and more a long the lines of anxiety, do not hesitate to talk to your child’s pediatrician about your concerns.

What tools have you used to help your child overcome everyday fears? Comment Below.

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