World Love Week

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“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world…” we all know the song. This song talks about how God loves everyone, no matter their skin color, their culture, their language. God loves everyone. It’s important for us to teach our children that. And teach them how to love others that may be different from them. That’s why we’re starting World Love Week. Once a month we will be exploring a different country (listening to their music, reading books from and about there, eating their food, etc). And learning that God loves the people in that country, and we can too! This is the kick-off. An introduction exploring diversity. Here’s what we did this week.

Read: Paul’s Travels

This week we read about Paul in our baby Bible. He was the very first Christian missionary and preached that God’s love and the hope of Christ is for everyone.

World Box

I have had the great privilege of travelling to a few countries, so I took some of the less breakable treasures from these travels and put them in a box for Vale to explore. I also added some cultural dolls I collected growing up, and some flash cards I found at Target with pictures of landmarks and animals from around the world. Vale loved playing with the dolls, trying on the necklaces, and looking at pictures of different places. Interestingly enough, she seemed to love everything associated with Australia and Japan.

World Map

Another Targer Dollar Spot find, we hung this felt MSP in Vale’s room. Then we worked together to put the animals in the countries they live. When we were done Vale just had fun playing with the animals and practicing her animal sounds.

Paper Plate World

This craft is the same one we did when we played through the Creation Story. It’s not perfect, but perfection is something you kind of have to let go of when doing crafts with Toddlers. The point is she had fun, and worked on some fine motor skills while we were at it.

Snack: Chai

Tea tends to be one of those drinks that there is a variation of all over the world. Chai, milk tea, black tea with cream…so many countries count this as a staple to not only their menu, but their culture. So we had chai, and actually made ourselves a tea party. A wonderful friend of mine taught me how to make Kenyan chai, so that is what we had. But here is another good recipe for those wanting to give this a try: Kenyan Ginger Tea. If you rather steer clear of the caffeine and sugar, try sprinkling a little Chai Masala in milk for your toddler. They may enjoy the slight spice.


This week we watched Super Why: Around The World Adventure. This episode explores different continents as well as phonics and reading skills.

Instagram is another resource we utilized. I know that sounds funny, Instagram and Toddlers. However, we have lots of friends that live in other countries. So we took some time to look at pictures of their adventures. I described what was going on, where they were, what they were doing in the pictures. Then we took a little time to pray for our friends. Just simple prayers (Example: Dear God please bless (our friends’ names). Amen).

We also played with the Puzzle World App. This app is similar to the other puzzle games Vale loves, where you match the shapes and drag them to where they go, but this time you match world Landmarks to their countries. This was a fun add-on to the landmark flashcards mentioned above.

Of course, we read books about diversity and countries around the world. Here is a list of books we have enjoyed: 10 Children’s Books About Race And Diversity

Finally, we listened to “Ir!” (“Go!“) by Yancy. This song is about our call, as Christians, to show God’s love to the world.

Midtown Global Market

This week we took a little trip to the Midtown Global Market. They have a preschool program every Wednesday featuring a kid’s band. Vale loves to dance around with the other kids. Then we go grab a new food to try. This week we tried sushi, Vale wasn’t a fan. But some of our favorites have been pho, pad thai, and saffron rice.

What ways have you introduced your toddler to different cultures? Comment Below.

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