Bible Stories for Stormy Days

Earlier this week we had a pretty big thunderstorm that took out our electricity. Thunderstorms can be pretty scary for small children. Here are four stories that demonstrate God’s power over the storm, so we have no need to fear.

Noah and the Flood

Noah is the story of how God sends a flood to destroy the world, saving only Noah, his family, and 2 of every animal. However, the hope is found in the rainbow. God decided he would never destroy the world again, he would find another way. Later we learn that way is Jesus. The rainbow is the mark of that promise. After the rain stops, look out the window or go outside with your child and see if you can spot a rainbow.


Jonah is the story of a bad prophet, and God sent a storm which landed Jonah in the sea. As soon as Jonah landed in the water, the sea stopped, and God sent a whale to swallow Jonah up so he wouldn’t drown in the sea.

Jesus Walks on the Water

Jesus walked on the water during a storm, proving his divinity and that he has power over the storm.

Jesus Calms the Storm

Jesus was asleep on a boat during a storm, but he was awoken by his disciples who were scared. Jesus had no fear of the storm and could sleep in peace, but he calmed the storm, showing his power over creation. We don’t have to fear storms either, because God is in control.

Do you have a child that is afraid of storms? What do you do to calm them? What do these stories mean for you as a parent?

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