Our Favorite Amazon Products for Play

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links

Prime Day is here, and many of us are looking for a bargain. Here are some of our favorites you may want to consider adding to your Amazon cart.

1.Fisher Price Noah’s Ark

Fisher Price toys are so fun, and they actually have a few Bible-relsted options. The Ark has Noah, and a few pairs of animals to load on the ark. This is fun to act out the add story. Also, builds vocabulary (animal names and noises), encourages finding pairs, and you can work on counting.

2. Fisher Price Nativity

This is a perfect find for Christmas time. I know Christmas is a bit away, but if you’re participating in prime day, might as well get a steal. We like to wrap up the different parts of our nativity (i.e. the angel, the wisemen, Mary, baby Jesus, etc.) And each week we unwrap the part we are going to talk about that week (like super simplified advent calendar).

3. Waterbeads

These are fun, squishy, and I don’t really know how they’re made, so get a deal on Amazon! Mix up waterplay with using these. You can hid ocean animals for them to find. Or just enjoy squishing them.

4. Tapioca Pearls

Not just for bubble tea, these are like taste safe water beads. If your child is still puting everything in their mouth, or your toddler has regressed due to 2 year-old molars. Have no fear. These are a great alternative. They take a little prep, but they are so fun, and totally worth it.

5. Colored Rice

For those that are not about diy. Check out this beautiful colored rice. Don’t waste your valuable kitchen space waiting for dyed rice to dry. Just buy a pack and be on your way.

6. Kinetic Sand

This stuff is so fun. This sand is moldable, and a wonderful tactile experience. We get a good half hour of play at a time with this.

7. Pequeño Heroes

This is by far our favorite kid’s CD. Looking for some Spanish kids music that will not leave you ripping of your ears by the end of the day. Here it is! This is our car jam, dance party jam, anytime of day jam. And the best part is, most of these songs are actually Bible Stories, so as they learn the song, they learn the story.

8. Diapers

Everyone is always asking me where I get my big cardboard boxes for imaginative play. Here is my secret: Diapers. Buy 2 boxes at a the same time from Amazon, and they will send them in one big box! You need to buy diapers anyway, might as well capitalize on the opportunity.

9. Melissa and Doug Reusable Stickers

This is an easy set up, independent play activity. Every child loves stickers, and these ones you can use again and again. We play with these almost daily.

10. Spelling Bee Game

This game is perfect for littles just starting out with letter recognition. Match the letter tiles to letters on their board. It works on taking turns, letter recognition, matching, and fine motor skills. Definitely a perfect first board game.

What deals are you picking up on Prime Day? Comment Below!

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