Spanish Podcasts for Preschoolers

We love podcasts in our house. They’re great for car rides, nap time, lunch time…really anytime. But I was on the struggle bus, because all of our favorite podcasts have been in English, and with trying to raise bilinguals in Minnesota, I am needing to reinforce Spanish as much as possible. Hence, I went hunting for Spanish Podcasts for preschoolers. Here are our favorites.

Allegro Magico

This classical music podcast is inSpanish. A child visitor is on the show each week, and they listen to classical, music and describe what the music helps them imagine.

The Spanish Experiment

Truth be told, this is NOT one of Vale’s favorites. But I think that’s because it’s more of a story-telling show. She prefers to see her books when they’re being read to her. However, I added it, because I think it’s great, and there just aren’t as many Spanish audio resources. The Spanish Experiment reads classic fairy tales in Spanish. This is a great option for kiddos who love storytelling podcasts, and a great way to slip more Spanish into the day.

Salvemos el Planeta

This podcast teaches the importance of caring for the planet by taking kids on adventures with the host, Fly.

Duende Pedrito

This is a riddle podcast where a duende describes where he is hiding and kiddos have to guess where he is.

Baby Radio

Salvemos el Planeta and Duende Pedrito are both by Baby Radio. They are out favorites and most engaging for Vale. However they have other great content that may engage your preschooler or older children. They have podcasts on everything from classical music to science.

Gonzo Infantil

This pint-sized podcast helps build a foundation of faith for littles. The clips are supe short, but give nuggets of truth for the family to focus on throughout their day.

Have you found any Spanish Podcasts your kids love? Comment Below!

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