Picture Books From and About Uganda

Books are one of the wonderful ways we can learn about the world. Here is a list of books to help young children learn about Uganda.

Nkinzi and Namikka Have A Tea Party

By Yvonne Senkandwa

Nkinzi and Namikka are a pair of Ugandan princesses that learn life lessons as they have adventures. Explore Ugandan culture through these beautiful Ugandan books.

By Yvonne Senkandwa

This is a is another adventure of the Ugandan princesses.

This Is How We Do It

By Matt Lamothe

This book features children from around the world, and how they do life. One of the children is fron Uganda and shows how they do life in Uganda compared to other places around the world.

Give Up, Gecko

By Margaret Read MacDonald

Give Up, Gecko is a retelling of Ugandan folk tale in picture book form.

Sing to the Moon

By Nansubugo Nagadya Isdahl and Sandra von Doorn

This is another sweet Ugandan folktale to share with your littles.

A Good Trade

By Alma Fullerton

This book tells the story of everyday life in Uganda from a child’s perspective. It reveals what life is like in a developing country on a child’s level.

Do you have any favorite books from or about Uganda? Comment Below!

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