You Are Enough

For once in my life, the stars aligned, and both babies were napping at the same time. It may have only lasted for 30 minutes, but I was going to enjoy the freedom while it lasted. I brewed a fresh cup of coffee and sat down to enjoy the silence. It’d been a grueling day of tantrums, blow-outs, and tears. I needed a break. My brain was fried. So I sat down with my cup of coffee and flipped open Instagram. After 2-3 swipes I just had to turn my phone off. I couldn’t take it. All these moms leading their seemingly perfect lives, doing wholesome activities with their kiddos, and getting their toddlers to eat kale. KALE! All proclaiming minimalism, mindfulness, and all around “good parenting.”

Meanwhile, my day looked more like time-out after poop-explosion followed by a chicken nugget break, and finally the point where I just flipped on Coco (not educational in anyway), because I just couldn’t handle it any more. That’s when the babies crashed. Here I was, finally with a sliver of time, and feeling lost just looking at people perfect lives.

Now, I know that most people’s lives don’t actually look like their Instagram account. I once read a meme that said “well, it’s not like I’m taking selfies while curled up in my closet, crying my eyes out, Janice.” Most days I’m in a good place, and I know that, and can just take the good inspiration and leave the comparison. But today was not a good day. I was tired. I wanted to lock myself in my closet and cry. And everything on Instagram just seemed to scream, “You’re not good enough!”

Anyone else been there? Where there seems to be one more parenting strategy you SHOULD be doing. If you would just get on the fitness band wagon. If you’d just get rid of more stuff. If you’d just speak softer to your children. The never ending list of “should do’s.”

I think we’ve all been there. And I’m not saying any of those things are bad. Yes, working out and eating right are important. And Yes! And sometimes I really need to to work on my patience with my toddler. However, before we attempt any of these things, we need to put on some grace and realize that we are enough.


Genesis 1:1 reads “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” It’s the very beginning. The start of the world. And God was there. Now there is a lot of debate on how he created the world. Was it literally in 7 days? Did he use evolution? And you know, I don’t know. I still have my own questions about all the logistics. But if we get too caught up in the questions, we miss out on the point of the story. And the point is this: God created the world with a purpose. Genesis 1:2 describes everything as “formless and void.” There was nothing but chaos, but God took that and he made something. It wasn’t by mistake, it was by design. And it continues on to talk about how he created the rest of the world. The stars, the plants, animals, and then finally people. All with a purpose. And what we can glean from that, is that if he creates with purpose, he created us with a purpose.

Made With A Purpose

I think in motherhood, we often recognize that God has created our children with a purpose. We talk about raising little world changers and little warriors. But guys, he has created us moms with a purpose too. Sometimes, I think we forget that. It can almost feel like, before we had kids, we did have a purpose. God used us. But as our days get taken over by diaper changing and mouth feeding, sometimes it can feel like our purpose has been put on the back shelf. Like, really, where is the glory in changing a blow out? Am I right? And when that’s how we feel, it’s easy took around at others and think, “she is nailing this fit mom thing, why can’t I do that?” Or “Uhg, I wish I was a creative mom like Sally so-and-so.” But let me tell you, you have a purpose. You have been uniquely gifted. You are mothering in a way that no one else can. If the God of creation orchestrates the orbit of the universe, yet also knows every star by name (Psalm 147:4). Then we also can trust that he has placed us perfectly into his plan. Take a minute to think about it. What is something that you are passionate about? What are your priorities? What are you doing in your motherhood that is unique to you? Don’t let the envy of someone else’s gifts overshadow what you have to offer.

You are Enough

You are enough. God has placed you where you need to be. Only you know how to mother your baby. Don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise, especially that sneaky voice in your head that wants to tell you otherwise. Don’t let someone else’s priorities sneak up and steal the joy of your motherhood. In the end, only you can do this motherhood thing the way you can. Only you really know what your kiddos need from you. You do you. You are enough.

2 thoughts on “You Are Enough

  1. Being a mother by far is the most important job that I think I will ever have. I am shaping a little human being that will become an independent, strong woman one day. Knowing that I have such a big responsibility frightens me some days, but, on the other hand, most days it inspires me to be the best I can be. I have someone who is always watching now. Thanks for your post Kayla, it is always good to read a post that aligns with how I feel in that very moment.


    1. I am so glad it was able to encourage you. Being a mom is such a big task, but God has the grace to equip us for it. ❤


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